The good news in Brexit

It is not all doom and gloom on Brexit front.  First consider the stress under which Theresa May and he fellow Brixit favouring MP are under. Stress is bad and could take years from their lives. So that’s the first good news. Then the end game. Clearly leaving the EU instead of leading it into reform is rapidly turning into a joke. As a market, the EU has 741,100,000 citizens. The UK has 64,100,000. As modern capitalism tells us, economies of scale mean lower prices. The bigger the market, the lower the costs so long term the UK is a little island with higher costs, dreaming of an empire lost 100 years ago. Of course it will survive. But, as will soon become apparent, it will be poorer. Where, you ask, is the good news in that? Well when the population finally wake up, which they will because, as we all know, you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, the Tories will be finally finished. And that really could be good news. But wait, there is more. Nigel Farage has stated that if Brexit is a disaster he will leave the UK (nice to have the money to do it Nigel, but of course you have millionaire backing don’t you).


2 thoughts on “The good news in Brexit”

  1. Roger,
    From a Tory voter who was an ardent remainer it is a difficult time. The next time I am faced with a ballot box there will be no one who can represent my views. The far left Labour Party couldn’t run a raffle and the Lib Dems, whist supporting the EU, have few other policies that appeal, in truth they would rather not be in power as it means disappointing their members.
    I remain sad that the EU did not offer enough to prevent an exit vote, particularly when Germany is now looking at issues such as benefits to EU nationals being restricted.
    With the cost of Brexit looking to be massive for all parties perhaps an offer of sorts from the EU might generate enough momentum for the UK to stay in. Immigration is more of a tabloid headline as in reality the UK economy depends upon migrant workers, Freedom of movement linked to firm offers of employment would work for all EU members not just the UK. Reforms of benefits would also be achievable. Ironically most countries other than the UK restrict benefits but because they are also restricted to their own nationals there is no issue. The UK’s absurdly generous payment of benefits and in work tax credits to its citizens means that the same must be offered to all EU citizens and is a magnet.
    There is far more in common between the UK and the EU than divides us and the sabre rattling is sad to see. Perhaps wiser heads working behind closed doors will see amicable progress. The UK Brexit team ought to keep their mouths firmly shut as every time they open them there is a quick retraction or similar. The same goes for the likes of Barnier and Junker.

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