25 years of poison finally kills the UK

Making fun of the EU is the main sport of the UK popular press, right up there with sex scandals. It is the print media version of what, on the internet, is called click bait, a statement so unbelievable that you have to click to find out more. And every click adds income since it brings a new advertising messages. Harmless good fun you might say but of course, as we can now see, far from harmless. Within the UK this steady drip drip drip of poison has completely destroyed the credibility of the Union. Banner headlines have persistently shouted these message:-

EU bans ads for girl-only lodgers
English oaks banned by the EU
Ambulances turn yellow for Europe
EU fanatics want you to sing this dire anthem (The Sun, 3 February 2004, page 6)
Children to be banned from blowing up balloons, under EU safety rules (Daily Telegraph, 9th October 2011)
Brussels bans toys: Party blowers and other stocking fillers are barred in EU safety edict (Daily Mail, 10th October 2011)
Now Euro killjoys ban children’s party toys (Daily Express, 10th October 2011)
“Holiday snaps breach copyright” (Telegraph),
“TAKING photographs of the London Eye and the Angel of the North could soon be banned if the meddling European Union (EU) gets their (sic) way.” (Express).

The response from Brussels has, in every case, been reasonable and well written, explaining exactly why these scare stories are rubbish. But of course we all know that the motto of Journalists is “never let the truth spoil a good story”. So the truth is never reported, the newspapers just roll on to the next exciting rubbish.

The real problem for the EU is that it is a serious organisation offering well researched ideas to improve the lives of its citizens. But as psychology tells us, people are not motivated by reasonable arguments but by emotion. Agains the emotional outpourings of Boris Johnson or Nigel F F F (sorry I can’t bring myself to write the name) what does the EU offer? Just a string of reasonable people making reasonable statements. They just have no chance at all.
And do you think that any newspaper would print this? Dream on.


One thought on “25 years of poison finally kills the UK”

  1. Well the NUJ will never agree with you, nor the PR men, (in public, that is), but your point on “Truth” v “Good Story,” was never more resonant than in the constantly referred to:- ” It costs us £350 million a day!”, and the follow-up:- “That (cash) could go straight into the NHS”.
    Every one of the perpetrators of these blatant, but headline catching spins, politicians and newsmen alike, is now busily explaining that, “Yes, both references were a tad inaccurate, its just the way its interpreted – but then everybody really knew that, didn’t they?”
    And here’s a contribution to the outcome of the current debate – “Its the oldies/the well off wot dunnit!”
    Quite simply – “There’s none so blind as them that cannot see.” (Especially when they cant be asked to look.)

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