Play the man, not the ball!

Once upon a time football was a great game. The rule was “play the ball, not the man”. Now of course it is “win by any means possible”. The beautiful game became dirty. An this is a wonderful metaphor for politics today. Now, the counter argument for any proposition is to attack the messenger. Forget what is said, that doesn’t mater. Just attack the messenger. Win by any means possible!
I write this in particular reference to the comments of Boris Johnson about President Obama. It beggars belief that Boris actually thinks he should become Prime Minister of the UK. Clearly, for all his very expensive education, reflection and self analysis was not something he learnt. It is lucky for him the UK electorate likes a clown. They have a first class one with him.


One thought on “Play the man, not the ball!”

  1. Roger,

    Whilst not defending Boris Johnson, after all it is terribly bad manners to allude to an individuals heritage, I feel that it should be pointed out that Barack Obama has described himself as “a Kenyan American”. It was on a visit to Nairobi on 26th July 2015 that he first used this description.

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