A movie extra

I spent last Tuesday afternoon as an extra in a movie being made in Vienna and staring the British actress Juliette Stevenson. Actually it only involved standing about and looking at the memorial to Austria’s Jewish victims of the holocaust. Like many people I find the whole issue of the holocaust deeply moving but more so at the memorial. Man’s inhumanity to man is, at times, quite overpowering, as we see currently in Syria. Even more shocking was one view I heard expressed which was that the current refugee crisis should be stopped by shooting them on the border. Bad enough you might think, but made even worse by the proponent, a white male Canadian of long term residency in Austria. That the issue of this mass migration is contentious and deeply dividing is clear. Made even more so by the occasional acts of violence committed by the so called “refugeesgrid-cell-5092-1422446450-0”, of whom many are clearly economic migrants from countries which are not in conflict. The mass “gropings” which occurred in Germany over the New Year festival was bad enough, but even more disturbing was the little reported rape of a 10 year old boy at a swimming pool in Austria. Clearly in any population there are good and bad. In ones life one must have encountered a thief and or a violent criminal or even a murderer, but usually without knowing. Yet to advocate shootings on the border just beggars belief. A case of “failure to engage brain before speaking” I fear.

I don’t want to reveal the plot of the movie. Needless to say it concerns that an aspect of the holocaust, though on a very personal level. It’s title is “Let me go” and should be out later in the year.


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