The Masters

My daughter wants an iPad Pro for Christmas and I want to live in peace and harmony with my fellow humans. Unfortunately we are both going to be disappointed. In my daughters case it is both the money and usefulness, in my case it is the existential threat of Fascism; not, you understand the fascism of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century, the theory of the Master Race. No, this time it is the fascism of the Master Religion. The difference of course is huge. The Master Race concept is pretty exclusive, you are either born in it or you are out, there is no other way. And if you are out, your are really out, condemned by birth to be little more than a slave at best, a target for elimination at worst. Whereas of course, with the Master Religion, anybody can join just as long as you accept the rather harsh rules which may or may not be rooted in ancient literature. Where one is focused on the tribe, its continuation and advancement, the other is actually focused on the individual, following the rules and acting in such a way as to ensure eternal life after death. Clearly, if one is sceptical about the life after death idea, the proposition is somewhat less than attractive yet many seem to embrace the idea without any supporting evidence, rather as many actually believed that they were part of a Master Race. In the recent past, that group seem to have been proved wrong. Hopefully the next “Masters” will go the same way.


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