No chance at all

Politicians frequently rail against the big corporations which undertake clever tax avoidance strategies to minimise tax. A perfect example of “only little people pay tax” as Leonora Helmsley the billionaire “queen of mean” once said. This tax avoidance is legitimate and, it seems unstoppable. Yet it is an indictment of modern politics and a good example of the detachment of the average person, that this situation is able to continue. If there was real political leadership we would see action taken not on the legal level but on the emotional. Properly led, a mass boycott of Starbucks for example would either destroy the business or force it to change its policy. Once the people were engaged, the process would be unstoppable so it would be necessary to pick the targets carefully. Start with Starbuck, we can all live without a coffee chain, then move on up the ladder ultimately targeting Amazon, that addictive destroyer of local, tax paying business. The only thing required to achieve it is political leadership, so no chance at all of course.

Starbuck tax


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