Cyber attack!

Sometimes you have to wonder just how smart the “authorities” really are. Take the latest cyber attack on the internet supplier TALK TALK in the UK. 4 million client records stolen and now a ransom demand from the hackers. However bad this is, it is nothing new, the banks have been suffering from this for years, often silently, so that our confidence in them is not completely destroyed . How to stop these crimes? Here is an idea. Build a secure and secret mail system which is gives complete anonymity. Publicise it and reveal that it is threat to the whole economy. Then watch as the cyber criminals adopt this fail safe method of secret communications. And then, after one or two years, as you arrest them all across the globe, reveal that, in fact was a trap, that there was, all the time a secret way to get the data and that the secret service had, for all that time, been logging the data and getting ready to pounce.

Just in case that is exactly what the US has done with the TOR network, I apologise for doubting just how clever they are. And if you haven’t done it but want more good ideas like this, contact me, I am not anonymous. However, if I have revealed one of the deepest secrets of counter intelligence I am really sorry, please don’t kill me!


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