The crisis, AGAIN

My writing on the refugee crisis seems to have touched a nerve and a reader has posed a question. How are migrants able to move across borders with no documentation?  The question arises because a female Philippiino,  resident in the UK for over 30 years, needs to get a visa to go on holiday to Spain whereas very many thousands of people from conflict zones manage cross borders without any documents at all. How is this possible? The answer is quite simple. Once you are in the Schengen zone cross border movement is almost unrestricted. So if our subject took a small boat and landed on French soil, avoiding the normal exit procedure from the UK, and then made her way to an airport, she could purchase a ticket to Spain. Of course there is the risk that she could be stopped and arrested as an illegal immigrant and as a person alone she might be, but as part of a really big group she won’t be. After all, there are more migrants than police and the prospect using clubs or guns to arrest them is impossible for a modern country to consider. They might do it in Russia, and then deny it (after all state controls the press there) but in our Western societies it is thankfully just not possible.  As we have discovered, in these hysterical times, a simple photo or movie clip can change public opinion in an instant. As examples, the dead baby on a beach or a father cradling his young child being deliberately tripped up by a person working for an anti immigrant political party. The only solution to the current immigrant crisis is a long term one. Over time, document them and gradually deport the ones that are economic migrants hiding among genuine refugees.


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