Greek Crisis

Today we ran out of water. Actually, the restaurant ran out of fizzy water. It seems that this comes from Athens to a small town and then by ferry to the small island on which we were spending a few days. The problem is, of course with the banks. The factory in Athens won’t send the water until they get paid, but with the banks closed, the only way is to take cash to Athens to buy the water. But that is five hours away and nobody seems interested in such a long trip to pay for water. The factory driver could bring the water on a cash on delivery basis but it seems that he is afraid that he would be robbed. So here we are suffering the dramatic effects of bank closure. No fizzy water. We will have to keep drinking neat wine instead of spritzers. In the famous words of the Australian  bandit Ned Kelly, “such is life”.

Now in a truly entrepreneurial economy, a local would get into the fizzy water business.


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