Dentist in mercy killing

The worlds most “sought after” dentist could be facing extradition to Zimbabwe over the death of Cecil the lion.  Of course it is all down to politics, a murky business at the best of times. On one hand, the USA will want to be nice to Africa so extradition could be possible. On the other hand anything Obama thinks is good will automatically raise a storm of indignation from the racist right wing. Easiest option would be to bribe a Zimbabwean politician, ( our friend Mugabe is in the frame for that). He can mouth some platitudes about dentist duped by unscrupulous and greedy people who tricked him into believing that killing the lion was ok. That solves the extradition issue and maintains the tourist industry but not the issue of actually killing the lion. Of course he can claim it was a mercy killing as it had been wounded by a bow and arrow first, which of course it was, though by the same dentist. The political lines are being polarized at an increasing rate. The left will demonize the dentist, the right will support him. Actually I would place a small bet on him being a registered republican. Hunting and killing seems to be a real part of the dream they are living. Palin ……

So will they extradite? I guess not, but keep watching, it is more interesting than football.


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