The eve of destruction.

When, in 1965 Barry McGuire wrote the song “The eve of destruction” he was referring to the imminent nuclear war between Russia and the USA. The new “eve” may not be as dramatic but will similarly be felt around the world. The situation in Greece is the gravest threat to our way of life since World War 2. With the banks without money, cash will be king. With the government out of money, who will pay the police, the teachers, the transport workers and more dramatically, the pensioners. Between the collapse of the payment system, probably on the 30th June until the 6th of July and the result of the referendum the world will hold its breath for we are now in a global economy. Greece sneezes and the whole world can catch a cold. The next six days are critical and the choice is stark. Temporary poverty and security, or total poverty and chaos. It is by no means certain that civil war would not breakout or that the military would again size control. Nobody can predict the outcome. It is of course possible that during the next six days, a foretaste of the impending crisis will concentrate the minds sufficiently to avoid disaster. Unfortunately many Greeks lack the imagination to see what a very dark future outside the EU offers claiming national pride. But remember, Pride is a deadly sin, (first documented by a Greek in Greece) and in English there is an unfortunately appropriate saying. “Pride goes before a fall”.

Next week I go to Greece for my annual holiday.


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