Sorry Jeb, wrong again.

So Jeb Bush, next in line for the throne in that famous US royal dynasty thinks that the Pope should stick to religion and not get involved in politics. This just goes to show the real arrogance of the rich in believing that politics is their business and not for others to meddle in. Clearly we all have a vested interest in maintaining the planet. It is, currently the only one we have, and the way things are going it will not be lasting too much longer. It seems we are, as a species, due to be come extinct within the next 100 year (the lifetime of my daughter), chocking on our own garbage, which in this context probably means all the carbon dioxide which we pump into the air. Quite how the US Republican supporters of coal mining intend to handle this is anybodies guess. Somehow I don’t think their money will save them, though they are probably dumb enough to think it will.

Of course the big killer is ever expanding population. A few million could pollute as much as they wanted, maybe even a few billion. But we are long past that. Quite how the Pope can resolve that issue remains to be seen.


2 thoughts on “Sorry Jeb, wrong again.”

  1. “how the Pope can resolve that issue”
    Obvious – get the catholic church to actively promote contraception!

  2. penalise people who have more than two children. All we need is replication not multiplication. As a Catholic I urge the Pope to review the contraception issue. How many Catholics ignore it. I suspect many do or like me remain childless.

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