Islam, reality bites

I hope I will be forgiven for posting somebody else’s words here but this short paragraph sums up much of what I believe to the the reality of the Islamist situation.

Speaking to the Observer, Karmani said that to tackle the numbers of young people leaving the UK for Syria, Iraq and Libya, it was important that the debate should change to understanding the human elements at play. “It’s not about ideals – 90% of them never subscribe to the ideals – it’s other factors that are a draw. This is the new rock and roll; jihad is sexy. The kid who was not very goodlooking now looks good holding a gun. He can get a bride now, he’s powerful. The Isis gun is as much a penis extension as the stockbroker with his Ferrari.

The interview in full is on the Guardian website here






One thought on “Islam, reality bites”

  1. Jihad? That word just means a struggle to become a better person. There is another rare, lesser jihad which is Just Islam’s version of the just war theory. It really does not look good to twist Arabic words. maybe the ignorant media should stick to English and use the word terror.

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