Ukraine, again and again and again

Events in the Ukraine keep chewing their way into news headlines. It’s rather like European politics 60 years ago, a military tactic in which civilian casualties are of no relevance. It looks as though peace talks are soon to occur but we have been there before so don’t hold your breath on that.
Ukraine is looking to the USA for up to date weapons. This could make a difference but the problem is that a little bit of help will be worse than useless since it will stimulate Russia to rapidly increase the war with cries of fascist invasion of historic homeland. In order to deter Russia the USA must deploy up to date defensive weapons fast and in such quantaties that true defence can be achieved. Half hearted measures will be worse than useless.
As a matter of interest, the term fascism is defined as “radical authoritarian nationalism” which to my poorly educated ear sounds exactly what Russia has now.


One thought on “Ukraine, again and again and again”

  1. Roger, it is hard to defend a porous border and, in truth, no one really knows who the populace of eastern Ukraine really support, it is difficult to be honest at the point of a gun.
    With elections in Belarus this year it is interesting to see their army being strengthened, but to what end? To threaten Ukraine or to deter the unbadged little green men from fomenting unrest in eastern Belarus?
    There is also a thought that a double bluff might be in play with Lukashenko manufacturing spats with Russia to be able to present himself as a Belarusian nationalist. The Russian tactic of Maskirovka played out by a vassal state.
    Belarus is critical to Russia as it borders Latvia and Lithuania as well as Poland, Ukraine and Russia itself. Whilst not directly linked it also offers Russia closer access to its Baltic naval base

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