Political power grows from the barrel of a Gun

Is this often quoted saying from Mao Zedong true? Or is the pen really mightier than the sword, as the saying that has been around in various forms for the past 500 years would have it? Actually combining the two is perhaps the real way of the world. Sure, guns are powerful, but so are ideas. The secret to success seems to be having a good idea and then backing it up with force. Or is it the other way around, get the guns, seize power and then come up with an ideology. That seems to be the case with lots of “insurgent” groups, from the Lords Resistance Army in Central Africa to the Islamic state in Syria/Iraq. What they both have in common of course is money. Getting control of a diamond mine or an oil field pays for the guns and leaves a profit so it can make good business sense. Add an ideology, whether it be perverted Islam or Christianity and you have the perfect combination, pen (message) and gun.

Either consciously or not, we are all supporters of these death cults since it is our money which actually buys the guns. Not directly of course but every time we fill our cars, every time we buy a diamond ring,  we are supporting them. Support terrorism, use more oil!

An exception to this Mexico. There the death cults stalk the land solely for the money. They may be shocking in their barbarity but at least they are honest. It is only about the money.


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