A big mistake

We, and I mean the secular/Christian/Jewish world have made a very big mistake. Gradually we have given up on the idea of free speech and moved into a regime where “offending” somebody has become not only unacceptable but has become a criminal offence. That is a very slippery slope and the end result will be a disaster. The latest atrocity committed by Islamic militants in France is an indicator of this, as was the attacks on the Danish newspaper which published a cartoon satirising the Muslim faith. For me it is simple. If you come to our country you accept our social norms. And that includes the possibility that you might be ridiculed. If you don’t accept that, then there really is no place for you in our society which is based on free speech. I really do believe that the vast majority of people are not religious. They may be so in a social sense, but actually believing that there is a divinity judging human affairs? I seriously doubt it. My own experience is that the “religious” are often hypocritical. The evidence is all around us. Yes, I accept that some, driven to do “good” by religious conviction are a boon to the poor and hungry. I applaud their efforts, but I still think that their motives are seriously questionable. I give it ten years before this script is banned. You have been warned!


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