Congratulations Chelsea Clinton, but you are wasting your time.

So former President Clinton is a grandfather. Nice. I like all children and yes, they can bring joy to lots of people. And, of course, all hope that the child will grow up on a planet with lots of diverse wildlife, especially elephants, Chelsea’s particular pet cause. But of course, she is wasting her time.

Last week, for the first time, a serious scientific study was reported in the journal Science which contradicted the prevailing theory that the world population would stabilise by 2050. To quote one of the authors, “Population is going to keep growing. We can say that with confidence.”

Since most of the growth will be in Africa, it’s probably the end for the Lions, Elephants and all the other diverse wildlife which is fighting for room to live. The ultimate predator, mankind, will soon finish them off. Preserving them now flies in the face of reality.

Of course Chelsea Clinton did her bit for the planet by postponing her first child until she was 34. She had a choice. Other women are not so fortunate. Tragically there is still hope. The ebola virus is now raging in West Africa, the true home of the population explosion. The awful truth is that, just as in mediaeval Europe, it will take millions of deaths to stabilise the situation. With fewer people, labour will not be over supplied, labour costs will rise, and people will finally have an economic value beyond that of a commodity to be exploited.


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