Music Piracy, back to the future

I’ve just read an interesting article on illegal downloads. The author remarks upon the irony of his book being available to illegally download on a number of pirate sites. I sympathise. It must be both psychologically frustrating and financially debilitating to spend hours, if not years writing a book only to have it given away for free.
What to do? I will avoid here any discussion on the morality of such actions. Life is not black and white and in a greyscale moral environment there are more fundamental issues with which to while away the hours.
Let me consider instead another perspective. Before the advent of recorded music, first tubes then discs then cd’s then mp3’s, how did artists earn their daily bread? Simply and exclusively through public performance. They performed, they were paid. No performance, no pay
It all changed with the ability to record music. The performance, once recorded, became a commodity of exchange with a value.
We may well be reverting to that model, with the recorded version just being a form of advertising for the concert. Back to the future.


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