My script gets European business award.

I recently wrote submission for a client company and the result was the award of European Business National Champion!
and here it is:-
From its inception in 2004 Unit Cargo has been evolving a standard of ethics which was formalised in 2010 as the Three Pillars of Core Values. It is predicated on the idea that the company is both a part of the wider society and a reflection of it and as such has to act in the same way that we wish society to act, honestly, fairly, and without prejudice to any member.
Thus, we embrace social diversity and recruit on the basis of ability only without any reference to gender, ethnicity, religion or age. Our embracement of equality of opportunity is active, rather than passive with positive steps enacted to ensure that a real work/life balance is maintained particularly in relation to the joint role of worker/parent which some members of our staff have.
Under the title Unit Cargo Academy on-going training regularly takes place. This training covers not only matters of logistics practice but also wider educational aims such as the enhancement of English usage. With offices in Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Turkey, English has been embraced as the language of communication between offices and as such enhances our communication strategy with our multinational partners.
We treat the three key inputs in to the business equally, that is to say that staff, customers and suppliers are of equal value with opinions which a respected rather than reverenced.
Among the key performance indicators of the success of this strategy are employee satisfaction/motivation and reduction in absenteeism/sick leave all of which show positive trends.
We are completely aware of the impact of the logistics industry on the wider environment and our aim is to take positive steps to mitigate this impact. Our campaign to reduce empty kilometres has resonated with our customer partners and is welcomed by our suppliers who realise that efficient deployment is the key to profitable operations.
Our actions on sustainability has been recognised in the award of EMAS certification to the company, one of only three Austrian logistics specialists to be so honoured.
The final measure of our success is found in our corporate performance over the four years following the formalisation of our core values in 2010.


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