Putting it simply, the more we do, the worse it gets.

Pay a ransom for a hostage and there will be more hostages take. Save more babies in the third world and the more there will be to save in the future.
Build facilities for refugees in Calais and the more refugees there will be.
Why? Because the supply of poor people is constantly expanding.
Why are third world workers paid low wages? There is an over supply of them and, as almost any economist or businessman will tell you, over supply means lower prices.
It is thought that the “third world poverty” which existed in Europe in the middle ages only ended with a plague which killed about 30% of the people. This shortage of workers meant that there was a demand for their labour. The price of labour rose and, at least for Europe, we have never looked back. Until now, that is. For now we see a wave of surplus labour arriving in Europe with a resulting lowering of wages. A surplus of supply. The effect is to push all wages down (except of course bankers) so poverty will increase.
Fewer people, better lives. and don’t get me started on the food issue, that’s for another entry.


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