What the president should have said.

Fellow citizens

It is with the deepest regret that I have to tell you that your soldiers have been forced once again to defend themselves against the terrorist elements operating in the East of our nation. I say regret since I view the loss of life we are witnessing as a tragedy which only the insane can view with any pleasure.

How did we get to such a place, where our citizens should be taking up arms against each other? Clearly there are criminal elements at work intent on creating for themselves a country, torn by force of arms from our nation, daring to compare their armed and murderous insurrection with the the actions of hundreds of thousands of unarmed citizens who by will alone overthrew the corrupt and illegitimate government which had tricked its way into office, bankrupting our country in order to satisfy their own personal lust for money and power.

We have no desire to remember our past, a history of famine and invasion which is best forgotten but which we now realise were but tragic steps towards our final freedom, the freedom to live as citizens securely within our European homeland. We have to fight for that. And our fallen will be martyrs in this historic and hopefully, final conflict.


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