Yesterday I was planning a campaign agains Amazon “Amazon, but only if you really need to”.  My basic premiss is that the company is destroying the economy by closing shops which pay taxes in favour of not paying taxes.  I could add that in addition it is replacing interesting, human contact jobs with Zombie jobs which, in any case will son be replaced by further unstoppable automation. No bad thing, you might say, freeing up people for more leisure time except that in this context, leisure time is synonymous with poverty. But I, as usual, digress. Today I am not planning that campaign since an article in todays Guardian in the UK indicates that Amazon’s place at the top of  selling tree, will soon be over.

My immediate reaction, stupid to admit, is one of sympathy. As soon as the transition from superpower to underdog occurs, I am genetically programmed to feel sorry at this reversal of fortune. And it seems I am not alone. Brits all have the same gene, love of the underdog!

So hopefully Jeff Bezos, Wladimir Putin, Nuri al-Maliki and all the others can sleep easier knowing that I feel for them. Remember, when you’re up, there is only one way to go!


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