Uneducated Rule OK

The following quote just about sums it all up:-

UKIP spokesperson Suzanne Evans has said UKIP did not make a breakthrough in London, in part due to the capital’s “well-educated” population.

In case you didn’t know, UKIP is the United Kingdom Independence Party, a party focused on the nostalgic conceit of a white Britain where everybody knew their place and was fiercely patriotic. No surprise then that the majority of its voters are former supporters of the Conservative party who fondly recall when Britain saved the world from the fascist oppression of the Nazis. That the established UK political parties have failed to address the concerns of the electorate in the matter of immigration is clear. In fact I would say that the whole issue of European labour mobility has been mismanaged throughout the union. But to vote for a party which seems intend on solving the problem by throwing the baby out with the bath water, is a step too far. Full Story Here


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