It’s in the papers so it must be true.

One day, two contradictory stories. Story one, the British army is to be reduced from 102,000 soldiers to 82,000. Some soldiers will loose their jobs. Next story, Britain recruits children to plug the gap in soldier numbers. So, are there too many soldiers or not enough? Who should I believe?

Actually the subject of “child recruitment” has nothing to do with shortage of soldiers and all to do with technical training. It is possible to become a Junior Soldier at the age of 16 but this not for combat roles rather it is that of a training scheme in technical matters. I can see no similarity at all the policy adopted by some war lords of enslaving children and forcing them to become killers.

Of course the job of Junior soldier does not suit everybody but I can clearly see that it suits some perfectly. Frustrating a teenagers ambition to follow a career path, often to escape from an impoverished (both financially and intellectually) background is not in the best interests of either the teenager or  the greater society.


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