He’s done it again

So, having won the local elections, (though with less that 50% of the votes cast), Turkish PM Erdogan says he will “crush” the opposition. He just doesn’t get it. In a democracy, the elected have to represent all the people, not just the supporters, as Morsi has found in Egypt. The cheapest lesson learnt are though at other peoples expense, but it seems that for some, this is just an intellectual stretch too far.

It is particularly disappointing that this is happening in Turkey. One of the greatest men on the 20th century was Kamal Ataturk, who set that country on a course of modernisation and abandoned the arabic script for writing in favour of the latin form. His legacy remains in place whereas that of Hitler and Stalin have both been condemned to the dustbin of history. Erdogan, with his banning of Twitter and Youtube is a small fish in comparison, albeit a small fish determined to poison the water.



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