In an earlier post I mentioned MAD, the policy of Mutually Assured Destruction which controlled the nuclear powers in the ’70’s and ’80’s  and which now controls relations with Russia and Europe.  I’m just an amateur pundit so it was rather nice to hear a commentator on the BBC this morning, saying exactly that. Russia needs to sell gas and Europe needs to buy it. We are locked in a death grip.

All this of course refers to the situation in the Crimea, which today will be incorporated into Russia. The parallels with Hitler and the 1938 annexation of the part of Czech Republic occupied by German speakers is a clear one in that both were based on military power. The fact that the Ukraine exists outside of Russia at all is rather strange. The Ukraine, as an independent nation only came into existence in 1991. At that time the entire population were citizens of one country, the USSR. When that was chopped up, it became some thing of musical chairs for the population. They gained the citizenship of which ever country they happened to be living in at that time. Thus very many Russians became Ukrainian citizens whether they liked it or not. The rest, as they say, is history.

As I have mentioned before, the Russian weapon is Gas, in which they have an abundance. Other plans are being made to reduce the European  dependence on this vital energy source but in the short term, it is going to be very difficult if not impossible.

So here I am , following a very mild winter, thinking about next winter and wether we can manage with 30% less gas. I predict a big demand for electric heaters!

Which of course raises the next problem. Germany seems determined to stop using nuclear power in favour of using a mixture of polluting coal (hastening global warming), solar voltaic cells (pray for a sunny winter; (but wait, if it is sunny in the winter it will be colder! Damn.) and wind power. Without  gas from Russia, next winter looks pretty bleak in Germany.


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