Difficult days in the Ukraine.

As Winston Churchill said, jaw jaw (talking) in better than war war, so that fact that President Obama spent 90 minutes talking to President Putin about the Crimea issue is to be welcomed. Perhaps not so is the reported outcome, “Obama warns Putin” for warn is a poor choice of words. It suggests that Obama is speaking down to Putin, like a father might speak to a son and that is not, in my opinion, the way to go.

That Russia has significant interests in the Crimea is clear and these have to be protected, as does the welfare of the many Russian citizens and speakers living in the Ukraine. But these genuine concerns must not be permitted to undermine the ability of the Ukrainian people to  govern themselves, without outside interference from any quarter.

What is strange is that any in the Ukraine would demonstrate in support of the ousted President, representing as he does a kelptocracy rapped up in the national flag. I suppose they would say, “he may be a thief, but he is our thief”.

Rulers who uses their power to steal their country’s resources.


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